05 novembro 2008

Review Report: Home Sweet Home (IGN.com)

Para o IGN.com o "clone" de The Sims desenvolvido pela Hudson não vale a pena. O site fez críticas severas à técnica e principalmente aos recursos oferecidos pelo game. Quer ler o review completo? Você já sabe: é só clicar abaixo:

Home Sweet Home Screenshot

If you love games like Order Up! or even (on some level) The SIms, you might find Home Sweet Home interesting for a few short-lived minutes, but if you fancy yourself a hardcore gamer you will loath this title. Any way you slice it, this is not a game worthy of 1,000 Wii Points -- half that would be pushing it, as far as I'm concerned. Supposing you really want to decorate some rooms, go online and tool around with the thousands of websites that enable you to do this with real furniture. Or wait for PS3's Home Network, which will let you walk around your IKEA-inspired virtual apartment.
Matt Cassamassina - IGN.com

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